Health Benefits

 Ultra Comfort Lift Recliners are incredibly comfortable and long-lasting. And that's not all. The added health benefits are many and provide relief to temporary aches and pains from surgeries to more permanent health concerns such as diabetes, muscle atrophy, joint pain and more. The following are main health benefits often provided by these recliners:

  • Great for Circulation: Choosing a chair with the zero gravity feature is great for circulation through the multi-way motion seat along with patented Eclipse tilt technology in some chairs.
  • Support for Standing: With the gradual lift feature, you will experience confidence in standing with ease from a seated position.
  • Reduces Pain and Swelling:  Whether you are experiencing pain in your feet, legs, shoulders, back, and other areas, the comfort and myriad positions of these chairs allow you to adjust them in ways to alleviate these ailments.
  • Counteracts Effects of Vertigo and other Balance Concerns: With the unique straight lift feature, these chairs comfortably bring you to an upright, standing position without tilting you too far forward or putting too much strain on your knees.