Frequently Asked Questions about Lift Chair Recliners

I'm not elderly, so why would I need a lift recliner?
Children are probably the only age group who wouldn't benefit from a lift recliner. The reclining feature is perfect for any adult wanting to relax away the stresses of the day. Many of our chairs have independent back, head, and leg lifting and reclining capabilities, allowing you to adjust your chair to whatever position your body needs.
Want to just put your feet up? No problem.
Want to tilt your body back? We've got you covered.
Want to recline all of the way to a sleeping position? How about Zero Gravity? Do you enjoy a chair with massage? Our lift chairs can accommodate all of this and more. And the added bonus is that they come with a mechanism that will lift your body to a position that allows you to walk out of the chair as well as sit back into the chair, should you need this feature.
Most of us, at some point will have a need for assistance getting in and out of a chair whether from temporary injury or a more permanent change in ability. Why not have both reclining and lifting rolled into one incredibly comfortable and long-lasting chair?

Do you have chair options for my smaller (or larger) frame?
Yes! We have chairs that work for bodies of all sizes. Talk to us and better yet, stop in to try out our chairs. They can accommodate tall, short, wide and other sized frames. And that's just the start of the options available to tailor to your needs.

What's the difference between a 2-position and a 3-position power lift recliner?
With a two-position lift chair, when the chair is reclining and the footrest is going up, the angle between the backrest and the seat does not change. With a three-position lift chair, when the chair is reclining and the footrest is going up, the backrest reclines back farther, opening the angle between the backrest and the seat. The chair can recline more fully into a sleeping position.

What's the difference between a “split chaise pad” and a “full chaise pad” on a lift recliner?
A “split chaise pad” means there is a gap between the front edge of the seat and the footrest. The gap is covered with a piece of fabric, or apron. A “full chaise pad” means there is one continuous piece of seat foam covered in fabric from the very back of the seat all the way through to the front end of the footrest, providing more support and comfort for the legs when the footrest is raised.

My hand control has buttons labeled TC, TV and ZG - what do these labels mean?
Your chair is equipped with the unique AutoDrive™ hand control for UltraComfort's patented StellarComfort Zero-Gravity power lift and recline chairs. These chairs feature factory programmed buttons for three positions: the Total Comfort (TC) position for upright relaxation that relieves lower back pressure; a pre-programmed TV-watching position; and the Zero-Gravity (ZG) position. With the TV-watching position, the footrest raises up and the backrest reclines very slightly, so that your back, neck and head are properly aligned to watch TV comfortably. With the Zero-Gravity option, the chair moves your body into the Zero-Gravity position to help relieve stress throughout your entire body, also relieving muscle and joint pain and increasing circulation.