Lifting Chair Recliner Health Benefits

Melanie Drake

While all adults can benefit from a lift chair, if you have specific health concerns, these chairs could ease your pain and provide added relief such as:

  • Reducing inflammation caused by arthritis
  • A lifting chair improves circulation
  • Elevating legs while giving a supportive bend at the knee, thereby raising your feet slightly above your heart
  • Providing a sleep chair experience to combat pain-related insomnia
  • Lifting chair assistance for ease of transition between sitting and standing
  • Keeping the immune system in balance by providing a sleep alternative to a bed
  • Adjustable positioning to allow relief for back and hip pain and other general body aches 

Beyond the above health benefits, our lift chairs are simply is one of the most comfortable chairs you'll experience. Give us a call if you want to talk more about your options. We'll help you find the perfect lifting chair for your specific needs. And many of the chairs function as sleep chairs as well - just don't forget to set your alarm so you don't sleep the whole day away!